Bridges is a showcase for the creative work of Jewish feminists. The editors also welcome work of particular interest to Jewish feminism by men and non-Jewish women. We work with each other and with contributors to publish material that recognizes and values difference. We particularly welcome material by Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews, by people of color, by the old and the young, by lesbians, by those with disabilities, and by working-class and poor Jews. We work with contributors who consider themselves more activist than writer to publish new material on what Jewish feminists are doing.

  • We seek contributions in a variety of forms and lengths: articles, commentary, discussions of politics and culture; scholarly essays written in accessible style; archival material (oral histories, interviews, diaries, letters); fiction; poetry; rituals; music; visual art, graphics, and photography.
  • If submitting by mail, please send two copies, double-spaced (except poetry) with author’s name, address, phone number and a brief (40 word) biographical statement that says something about you (not primarily your previous publications).
  • You must include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you wish your hard copy returned.
  • Submissions may be made by email, but we request a query email in advance of sending your work. Do not send a submission by email until you have heard from a Bridges editor to do so.
  • Our response time is 4-6 months. Please let us know if you are open to revising. If we do not accept your work, let us know if you would prefer simple rejection or our comments.
  • Submit no more than 10 poems or 35 pages of fiction.
  • We will not reprint previously published work or work that will be published in another periodical prior to its publication in Bridges. We do consider work that has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming full-length anthology.
  • We do not consider simultaneous submissions. Please do not submit work that is under consideration at another periodical.
  • We will not publish material that perpetuates anti-Jewish, anti-Arab, sexist, classist, racist, homophobic, ageist, fat-phobic, ablebodyist or other biases which distort our perceptions of each other and hinder alliances.

    We will publish poetry in English, and poetry in its original language along with English translation.

    Visually-impaired contributors may submit cassettes or CDs, or MP3s by email. Music submissions should be on cassette or CD or by email, accompanied by written text, with notation if possible. Please send black-and white photographs, stats, or other copies of art work (not originals), or small-file jpegs by email following an email query. (Higher quality scans will be required if accepted for publication).

    Deadlines are every September 1 for the spring issue and March 1 for the fall issue. Some issues are themed but we are always looking for material that furthers tikkun olam, healing and repair of the world, from feminist and Jewish perspectives, whether or not it falls into our theme.

  • Editorial Mission

    The editors bring to Bridges a commitment that combines the traditional Jewish values of justice and repair of the world with insights honed by the feminist, lesbian and gay movements. We want to provide a forum in which Jews, feminists and activists can exchange ideas and deepen our understanding of the relation ship between our identities and activism. We seek writing which develops affirmatively Jewish and feminist perspectives and creates links between Jewish feminists and activists in the broad range of movements for social and economic justice and for peace. We are especially committed to integrating analyses of class and race into Jewish-feminist thought and to being a specifically Jewish participant in the multiethnic feminist movement.

    We will publish the creative work of Jewish feminists and writing of particular relevance to Jewish feminism by non-Jewish women and by men. We will work with each other and with contributors to seek out and publish material which recognizes and honors difference.